Ave Sanctissima Maria

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Ave Sanctissima Maria bookmark.

A prayer from the side panels of a triptych by a Follower of Hugo van der Goes.

It reads:

Ave Sanctissima Maria Mater dei Regina celi porta paradisi domina mundi pura singularis tu es Virgo tu sine pec[cat]o concepta concepisti j[e]h[su]m sine o[m]ni macula

Tu peperisti creatorem et Salvatore[m] mundi in quo non dubito libera me Ab omni malo et ora pro peccato meo Amen

Which translates as:

Hail Most holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, Gate of Paradise, Mistress of the World, you are the one pure virgin. Yourself conceived without sin you conceived Jesus without any stain

You have borne the creator and saviour of the world in whom I firmly believe. Deliver me from all evil and pray for my sins. Amen

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