Dartmouth & the Start Bay Area

Silk ribbons, woven in Dartmouth every time.

Papilionaceous is based in Dartmouth, South Devon. The town is situated at the eastern end of Start Bay.

South Hams in the Snow

The South Hams is in the South Coast of Devon. Snow here doesn’t happen very often, but enough to cause local disruption twice this year (pretty though).

Slapton Ley, Start Bay AONB, photo: Robert Ely

Slapton Ley

A fresh water lake in South Devon just yards from the sea.

Lichen, Slapton Ley, Start Bay AONB, Photo: Robert Ely

Winter colour

Spring is still a little way off, but there is plenty of plant colour appearing in the South Hams.

Slapton Ley, Start Bay AONB,South Devon. February morning. photo Robert Ely

February, Slapton Ley

Just after eight on a February morning. The sun is already climbing in the sky and bathing the Ley in a warm glow.

Burgh Island Hotel

Burgh Island is a small, tidal island off the coast of South Devon, only 20 miles from Dartmouth where Papilionaceous is based. It is home to one of the UK’s oldest […]

Start Point Lighthouse

50° 13′.344 N 003° 38′.539 W Start Point is one of the most exposed peninsulas on the English Coast, running sharply almost a mile into the sea on the […]

Greenways, Dartmouth

Late summer at Greenway: Agatha Christie’s holiday home on the River Dart, seen through the lush green leaves of a mulberry tree. Appears to be Morus nigra and therefore not the favourite food […]

Simon Drew

Drawn in Dartmouth. Woven in Dartmouth. Sewn in Dartmouth. Sold in Dartmouth. Dartmouth every time.

Stevengraphs in South Devon

Agatha Christie collected many things. One of those things being Stevengraphs; silk bookmarks or pictures made by Thomas Stevens, a Coventry silk ribbon manufacturer. That collection can now be […]