Silk ribbon – Woven silk ribbons made in England

In addition to our woven jacquard ribbon we are also able to produce plainer coloured silk ribbon. Still produced to order in Dartmouth, Devon to the same high quality as all of our other ribbons. Many of these ribbons appear in period costume applications in Film and TV productions, many can be seen in detail on the costume ribbon page.
If you would like to enquire about ordering custom made ribbons for you project please get in touch, or visit our ribbon shop for currently available ribbon lengths.
We weave with exceptionally fine 2 thread organzine in both warp and weft which gives a lovely crisp ‘freshly fallen snow’ handle to our ribbons.

Silk yarn arriving ready to be made into warps for silk ribbon.

Cones of silk thread arriving ready for warp making.

Just recently we have decided to experiment with a slightly heavier 3 thread yarn for the silk ribbon. Here it is after arriving from Italy.
Imagine yourself as Theseus. But instead of navigating around a labyrinth and a Minotour you need to set off from close to Venice, Northern Italy and arrive in Dartmouth, South Devon.
Here’s the question: would the silk in these three boxes (about 10 kg total – just arrived from Northern Italy) be enough to unwind all the way to Dartmouth so that you could find your way back again?
Current ‘best route’ to Ponte di Piave, Italy is showing as 1,880km
The silk in the boxes is appr. 50 denier which means that each 9000m weighs 50g.
There is 10kg in the boxes so: 10000 / 50 x 9000 = 1,800,000m
Theseus can find his way home! (probably)

Here is the new silk warp finding its way through the labyrinth of the loom!

new silk ribbon warp knotted-in and weaving through the back reed of the jacquard loom

newly knotted silk warp makes its way through the back reed.

sugar plum fairy silk ribbon

Papilionaceous ribbon

humbug silk ribbon

flight of the bumble bee

natural white silk ribbon

Ivory towers of ribbon

plain taffetta silk ribbon

Clotted cream and raspberry jam ribbons

snow flakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes silk ribbon

Snow white silk ribbon

blue satin sashe silk ribbon

Blue silk satin sash ribbon

Silk ribbon diamonds


silk ribbon candy canes

Striped Silk Ribbon Candy Canes