Silk sleeving for audio cable

papilionaceous silk cable sleeving, Tron Atlantic amplifier
Papilionaceos jacquard silk cable sleeving over speaker cable

Woven silk sleeving for audio cables

silk sleeving, silk jackets for audio and hi-fi cables

Papilionaceous is able to weave tubular silk sleeving. By weaving multiple tubes of differing sizes and then turning them inside-out through each other we are also able to acheive multi-walled silk tubing containing separate internal channels.

Papilionaceous woven silk sleeving for audio and hi-fi cables. Silk dialectric with silver conductor and cotton damping.

Papilionaceous woven silk cable sleeving

This speaker cable uses silk as a dielectric with a conductor of 5 x 0.3mm silver. Given that the silver is otherwise uninsulated we wouldn’t suggest doing this – and hooking up your system with it – unless you have a fair idea what issues are involved.

This silk sleeving is woven with five channels integral to its structure; the centre channel has then been filled with a cotton cord which adds rigidity, damps vibration and separates the two conductors. The end has also been stitched and divided in two for use as a stereo speaker cable.

Of course, we can weave it with more or fewer channels, the channels can be bigger or smaller and the colour can be whatever you decide. [Whether the colour makes a difference to the sound is also for you to decide!]

And yes, you can have your name woven right through it just like a stick of rock.

Custom woven speaker cable silk sleeving carbon fibre effect jacket

Custom woven speaker cable sleeving

A more complex audio cable construction in stages:
Left, tubular woven ribbon incorporating five chambers, two narrow ones at either edge and a large central one.
Centre, the ribbon has been turned inside out through the central channel so that the narrow chambers are inside what is now the outer sleeve.
Right, conductors inserted and remaining space packed with (more) silk.