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May 2010

Between 31st May and 14th June Papilionaceous is featured at the Devonshire Collection of Period Costume – Totnes Costume Museum, Totnes, Devon.

Alongside bags, braces and bookmarks we are delighted to be showing very fine silk trimmed Fair Trade Panama hats from Pachacuti.

For more information on these lovely hats visit Pachacuti here.

April 2010

bookdart tin

We came across Bookdarts a while ago now. Similar to a bookmark in as much as they are place keepers, but also very different in that they keep a specific place, a specific line on a page – without the need to resort to the (sharp intake of breath) underlining in pencil that you may just let yourself use in your ‘working’ copy.

bookdart page

This is what their makers in Oregon, USA have to say:

Book Darts are precision-cut, paper-thin metal line markers that attach easily to any page.

To use, place Book Dart at desired line, close book and press in. Sliding a Dart onto a passage assures you can recall it easily even in a closed book.

Often judged indispensable by students, educators, and other readers of what has lasting value.

Answers the question: “How can we mark our exact passages, find them again, quickly and surely, and never harm the page?”

A good idea we thought, so slightly odd that they have yet to be really taken up here – as far as we know that is. To address this issue we have ordered some stock and they are now available in the UK from Papilionaceous at Amazon.

We are currently sending out free samples with all silk bookmark orders but if there is nothing else that you need at present just send us a stamped, self-addressed envelope and we will send you some Book Darts by return. Our address is here.

Book Darts are available from us in three colours: brass, bronze and stainless steel and quantities of 12, 18 and the tins of 50 pictured above.

Book Darts from Papilionaceous at Amazon

March 2010

trust me I'm a ducktor silk tietall duck and handsome silk tie

One of the questions I get asked most often is: how did I get into weaving silk ribbons in the first place?

Part of the answer to that is that my first job on leaving college was selling silk ties in the tie hall of Liberty in Regent St.
At the time (1989) the dominance of printed silks for men’s ties was starting to give way to wovens and this resurgence of woven silks resulted in a steady stream of rather interesting pieces of silk weaving turning up in front of me on a regular basis; pieces of silk that provided me with a great deal of inspiration and encouragement that this might be an interesting path to follow.

Second on the list of questions most often asked is: do we weave silk ties?

No we don’t; for the simple reason that we only weave at 40mm wide. Even if it were to be a very narrow tie it would still need to be cut diagonally across the cloth (ties are cut on the bias so that they have a certain amount of stretch and are able to be tied in a nice knot) and what we weave is just not wide enough.

Having said all that, twenty years after first selling ties I am now selling them again!

Designs are by Simon Drew, with whom we have a long association, and though we neither weave the silk nor make the ties they are still a ‘Made in England’ product and complement our range of Simon Drew bookmarks rather well we think.

The first two designs are available now via our shop at Amazon:

trust me I’m a ducktor silk tie, tall duck & handsome silk tie

And also from the Papilionaceous Silk Emporium

trust me I’m a ducktor silk tie, tall duck and handsome silk tie

February 2010

salmon flies bookmark thumbnaillilith bookmark thumbnail

For some, myself included, the topic of Fly Fishing will forever be associated with the name of J.R. Hartley; he may have started out as a fiction but the book he was looking for eventually became reality.
There is no need to scour Cecil Court to find our Fly Fishing bookmark though!

Also, from the original by John Collier: ‘Lilith’
A woman with a chequered past who may, or may not, be suitable for your Valentine.

Both are available now from Amazon:
Lilith, Salmon Flies

and the Papilionaceous Silk Emporium:
Lilith, Salmon Flies

January 2010 (II)

tulip bookmark thumbnailklimt bookmark thumbnail

The snow and frost has gone for now so our thoughts turn towards Spring (perhaps).

We have some tulips anyway!

Tulips at Amazon

Also, from the original by Gustav Klimt:

‘Water Serpents II’, a new double sided bookmark.

Water Serpents II at Amazon


January 2010 (I)

Wakana bookmark thumbnailesquire bookmark thumbnailesquire bookmark thumbnail

To keep that New Year’s Eve feeling going just a little longer we present a new, double sided, his and hers ‘Cocktail’ bookmark.

Cocktail bookmark at Amazon Also, a second mark inspired by the art of Japan. To give it it’s full title:

‘The Courtesans Wakana and Wakanoura of the Wakana House’, by Utamaro Kitagawa

Utamaro Kitagawa bookmark at Amazon

December 2009

Vargas bookmark thumbnail

With Christmas on the way we thought stockings would be in order.

Our silk stockings are courtesy of Alberto Vargas.

Available here: Vargas Silk Stocking bookmark at Amazon

Red Carp bookmark thumbnail

Also seasonal in parts of Europe, carp.

We present ‘Red Carp under Wisteria’ by Kuniyoshi Utagawa

Available here: ‘Red Carp under Wisteria’ silk bookmark at Amazon

Beardsley green lily bookmark thumbnail

Completing the three wise bookmarks is a new colouring of our very popular Aubrey Beardsley Lily.

Available here: Green Lily bookmark at Amazon

November 2009

Two new book marks this month. Both feature small details from much larger works.

Margarito of Arezzo bookmark thumbnailCarlo Crivelli bookmark thumbnail

The details are taken from:

The Virgin and Child Enthroned by Margarito of Arezzo


The Annunciation by Carlo Crivelli

for further information see the Bookmarks ~ Fine Art section

also available to buy fromĀ  Papilionaceous at Amazon

October 2009

Thank you to everyone who stopped by at Alexandra Palace.

If you have now arrived here to find out more, you could try:

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September 2009

New bookmarks this month:

Ave Maria bookmark thumbnail rectoAve Maria bookmark thumbnail versoseurat bookmark thumbnailcezanne bookmark thumbnailGalen-Kallela bookmark thumbnail

Featuring artwork by: Follower of Hugo van der Goes, Georges Seurat, Paul Cezanne